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DATA labs v1.1.1- Download

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Hi folks! Been a while eh? I hope you're well and 2021 has been a better year so far for everyone! I must admit I took a bit of a break from writing blog posts and I've been busy working on a number of different things, so it's taken a little longer than I'd have liked to write this and complete the latest build of DATA labs, but here it is. If you're interested in the previous post check it out here. 'DATA labs' it's my testing area for new ideas and exploration in interactive audio, particularly when it comes to implementing sound into first-person environments inside Unreal Engine. I started it way back along side Digital Dark Age, but it has continued to be a useful project and I'm always eager to add to it. Alongside audio implementation and scripting, the level has helped me learn more about level design, mechanics, art, programming and narrative amongst other things, so it's a never ending learning curve, but immensely rewarding and enjoyable.

The lift access corridor was one of the last parts of the environment to be completed.

I completed 'version 1' of DATA labs a while back now, but the latest build fixes a lot of issues and things I found frustrating about it - most importantly, I feel like it's a little more accessible, though I'll wait to hear what people think as to whether I'm right about that! Another major improvement is the addition of velocity based character sounds, so footsteps will change depending on the speed you're walking (and not play at all if you're just trying to walk through a wall!). I've also spent quite a bit of time adjusting the audio mix, though I still feel there is work to be done, particularly with the ambiences in different spaces. I'm also keen to upgrade the project to the latest version of Unreal, though that might have to wait until I have a little more time to iron out the barrage of issues that are likely to come with that process.

Entrance Hallway - now with more things!

Today I uploaded v1.1.1 - which as you'll see from the dev notes, features quite a few recent improvements and changes. I'm eager to find out what people think, so let me know if you download the project and have any thoughts or feedback. At the moment, the project is Windows only, but perhaps a Mac build would give me a new challenge! Download the latest version below.

If you're interested in finding out more about the backstory behind this project, and look at some of the development notes, then check out it's project page here

As usual, thanks for reading! Best, Martyn


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