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DATA labs is a first-person explorative environment built in Unreal Engine and FMOD, set in a deserted facility somewhere in Derbyshire, circa 1994. Primarily designed as a testing ground for new audio implementation techniques, the level has taken on a life of it's own and now incorporates a brief narrative as well. Find out more about my work on the level below.


  • Re-imported many of the graphics assets

  • Removed HUD from menu screen

  • Added additional level detail

  • Added wobblyness to access corridor generator 

  • Fixed an issue with resonance attenuation

  • Added additional detail to entrance hallway

  • Amended lighting in entrance hallway

  • Amended timing for end sequence

  • Added character velocity sensitive footstep script (footstep attenuation based on speed)

  • Amended distance attenuation for audio logs and radio speaker

  • Published v1.1.1

Development Blog


  • Added an additional CCTV camera above the lift entrance.

  • Added new LEDs to PC in access corridor

  • Moved and removed various props.


  • Upgraded project to UE 4.19.2 and FMOD plugin / studio to match

  • Fixed some lighting isues

The level currently features a short narrative, which takes you through the office complex and towards the laboratories beneath. 

On the way you'll hear a range of implemented audio including velocity and surface dependent character sounds, interactable props, cassette players, computers and other items to discover. You can also listen to some of the original soundtrack above or on Bandcamp.

I continue to develop the level as time allows, so keep an eye on the blog below for upates, and let me know if you have any feedback, version 1.1 is available to download below.


  • Fixed an issue with the end sequence not playing correctly

  • Adjusted a number of floaty text problems and display issues

  • Fixed the rear office FMOD snapshot so it now triggers correctly


  • Published v1.1.0 build for testing

  • Fixed an issue that stopped the main office ambience from triggering

  • Further enhanced the lift travel and operational sound design

  • Further enhanced the main office ambience layers

  • Changed some text on posters / credits etc


  • Repaired some textures on destructable assets​

  • Fixed an issue where the level blueprint was deleting itself during play (oops)


  • Decommission 'DATAlabs' red sign by entrance doorway. Replacement TBC.

  • Adding blinking LED lights to signal interaction is possible / has taken place on speaker radio and lift.

  • Added LED indicators to CCTV cameras

  • Amended a variety of materials

  • Fixed an issue where the footstep blueprint stopped recognising physical materials

  • Fixed an issue with the headbob only working in the forward vector

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