DATA labs is a first-person explorative environment built in Unreal Engine and FMOD, set in a deserted facility somewhere in Derbyshire, circa 1994. Primarily designed as a testing ground for new audio implementation techniques, the level has taken on a life of it's own and now incorporates a brief narrative as well. Find out more about my work on the level below.



  • Published v1.1.0 build for testing

  • Fixed an issue that stopped the main office ambience from triggering

  • Further enhanced the lift travel and operational sound design

  • Further enhanced the main office ambience layers

  • Changed some text on posters / credits etc

Development Blog


  • Decommission 'DATAlabs' red sign by entrance doorway. Replacement TBC.

  • Adding blinking LED lights to signal interaction is possible / has taken place on speaker radio and lift.

  • Added LED indicators to CCTV cameras

  • Amended a variety of materials

  • Fixed an issue where the footstep blueprint stopped recognising physical materials

  • Fixed an issue with the headbob only working in the forward vector


  • Added an additional CCTV camera above the lift entrance.

  • Added new LEDs to PC in access corridor

  • Moved and removed various props.


  • Upgraded project to UE 4.19.2 and FMOD plugin / studio to match

  • Fixed some lighting isues

The level currently features a short narrative, which takes you through the office complex and towards the laboratories beneath. 

On the way you'll hear a range of implemented audio including velocity and surface dependent character sounds, interactable props, cassette players, computers, a not-so-helpful PA system and various other items to discover. You can also listen to some of the original soundtrack above or on Bandcamp.


  • Fixed an issue with the end sequence not playing correctly

  • Adjusted a number of floaty text problems and display issues

  • Fixed the rear office FMOD snapshot so it now triggers correctly