DATA labs is a first-person explorative environment built in Unreal Engine and FMOD, set in a deserted facility somewhere in Derbyshire, circa 1994. Primarily designed as a testing ground for new audio implementation techniques, the level has taken on a life of it's own and now incorporates many narrative features. Find out more about my work on the level below.


The level currently features surface and velocity dependent character sounds, dynamic ambiences, interactable props (including a rather tempermental radio) cassette players, computers and more. The best way to experience the level is to play it. It's available to download HERE for Windows. I'd love to hear your thoughts or feedback, and I'm always on the lookout for bugs and other issues so please do get in touch if you find anything.

Feel free to check out the video playthrough if you're curious but don't fancy downloading the level to play yourself (contains a few little spoilers!)

More info on the level's development to follow.