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Welcome To Me dot com 2.0!

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Hi folks,

Thanks for dropping by my new website. I've been slowly migrating content from my previous host for the last few weeks, but I still have more to do so keep an eye out for a new audio page, additional blog articles and a few more GIFs thrown in for good measure. For now, check out some of the projects on my home page which should give you a good idea of what I'm up to! When I was studying for my degree I found keeping a blog really useful (and not just for a good source of evidence) so it's something I've wanted to keep up with but, as we all know the reality of such endeavours is often quite different to the expectations we have of ourselves. With that in mind, I'll be posting whenever I can, and when I feel like I have something useful to talk about. So what can you expect here? I plan on delving into my current commission project 'Degradation' and my work on multisensory performance piece 'SENSE' which are both fairly new additions to my portfolio of client projects. 'Degradation' is a continuation from my work on Digital Dark Age, and again I'm using Unreal Engine and FMOD for most of the production work. 'SENSE' is a really interesting project, and I hope to do a few special posts on it's creation. I'll also be posting about any forthcoming musical noodlings like my composition work for Massive Galaxy and For The Warp, as well as from

my own self-indulgent synthetic alter-ego DATAStream.

I have also been making some additions to my workspace in recent months, and one I'm especially pleased with is my reclaimed wooden desk, which started life as a garden gate. I'm not an especially gifted woodworker, but after a bit of sanding and TLC I think it looks the part, and more importantly, its fit for purpose!

Here's the original studio desk, which I was also pretty fond of but it was a bit clinical - I ended up giving it away on a local 'free stuff' website.

Here's the original studio desk, which I was also pretty fond of, but it was a bit clinical - I ended up giving it away on a local 'free stuff' website. If you're wondering why I have two sets of mice and keyboards, I often switch between my Windows PC and Macbook (something I'm hoping to soon alleviate).

Here's the new reclaimed desk in all it's woody glory. One thing I found instantly useful was the ability to easily hide cables between the planks, and attach hooks and fixings on the underside of the desk! Satisfying. I'm planning on a few more reclaimed additions to the room over the next few months, mostly to house my slightly extensive (and some might say impractical) collection of synths! Has anyone got any good tips? Thanks for reading, and for visiting my new site. I'm always around on Twitter or you can drop me an email if you'd like to discuss any ideas or a paticular project you have in mind, I'm currently open to new commission work starting from June and smaller short term projects all year round.



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