2017 - Present | Unreal / FMOD 

If you've ever wanted to listen to an 80's inspired

retro-concept EP nestled inside a forboding brutalist

first-person game environment then read on...

The 'Digital Dark Age' is something I've been increasingly interested in over the past few years. It started life as my third-year degree major project whilst studying for a Music Production BA over in Manchester and has continued to develop over time and inform my more recent work, particularly my forthcoming installation piece 'Degradation'.


What started life as a simple 5-track concept EP turned into something with a much wider scope and set of challenges, which included learning how to use Unreal Engine and FMOD at the same time as writing and recording the music. 

Initially, I was inspired by research I'd carried out on digital obsolescence and data preservation, but I quickly found links to other areas such as 1980s music technology and brutalism in design and architecture that continued to fuel the project and provide extra depth and a stronger concept for the piece as it moved forward.

Many of the songs were inspired by ideas surrounding the need for continual awareness of digital preservation, so we don't fall into a 'Digital Dark Age' in the not too distant future. You can read more about this pressing issue in an excellent article by Terry Kuny here.

Most of the albums production was carried out using a range of 1980s hardware and production techniques, befitting a project so heavily influenced by retro-technology and ideals. Once I'd recorded the songs. 

I started imaginging the world within which I wanted them to live.


More information coming soon. 

( You can hear the EP here or head over to Bandcamp where  you can purchase a copy (there are a few remaining cassettes too!).