magnetic storage mediums

DATAStream's magnetic storage mediums are handmade by our own technicians for you to enjoy at home.

optical storage mediums

Each of our MiniDisc releases is handmade using high-quality Sony anti-shock media for the very best listening experience. 


Our series of DATAdisks brings a new dimension to the expanding world of DATAStream.
Disks feature Type 1 General MIDI content and bonus archive material.


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archive media

Further reading into the history of DATAStream, including exclusive archive documentation, video, audio, graphics and a range of reference filetypes. 
Keep an eye out for more soon.


Latest Updates



24.06.1986 - Added PDF003 terminology document.
Fixed some small copy issues.

16.05.1986 - Added 'DATAdisk Vol. 2' .PNG files and edited hyperlinks with glee. Added WAV002 archive.

09.05.1986 - No changes. 

02.05.1986 - Fixed pixel clipping issues surrounding PNG files and added additional images for 'Flight Time EP' MiniDiscs.

28.04.1986 - Resolved some conflicting MIDI messages and filtered Sys Ex monitoring.


12.04.1986 - Responded to a number of bugs and formatting issues with trepidation. 


08.04.1986 - Added new archive file VID001. Updated  noticeboard. Minor copy issues resolved.

07.04.1986 - Published webpage with only minor issues in display formatting. Added new archive media - PDF001 / PDF002 and WAV001.