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DATAdisk Vol. 3

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Well I had hoped to have been writing this post back in February, but as usual other (less obsolete things) have taken priority, but never mind all that, because my ongoing experiments with the limitations and possibilities of magnetic storage media have birthed 'DATAdisk Vol. 3', a new release featuring 5 songs in General MIDI and audio formats for your listening pleasure...

Vol. 3 focusses on patches from the Roland JV-series of synthesisers, particularly the JV-1000, from which most of the sounds on this release are from. As with Vol. 2, these songs were recorded in multitimbral mode, using around 7 - 8 simultaneous MIDI channels, which are then bounced separately for mixing and additional production work, although very little was needed! The songs presented here really showcase some of my favourite sounds and production techniques, and it was great using one of the first hardware synths I've been lucky enough to own, even if it is currently suffering from a case of sticky-key-syndrome! You can hear the release below.

The disks contain the 5 General MIDI versions of the songs, plus additional content that many DATAStream listeners will be familiar with, including the DATAdisk Ident GIF and audio log. If you're interested in a few early demos of these songs, I created a playlist featuring some videos from recording sessions that you can check out here.

If you're interested in finding out a bit more about the production of the disks, feel free to drop me a message here, on Twitter or on the Stored Energies Technology Discord channel, which has been slowly gaining a group of friendly members here.

Thanks for reading, Martyn


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