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DATAdisk Vol. 2

Hi all, The second in a series of floppy disk releases has been published today on my Stored Energies Technology label, featuring a set of 5 new songs and their respective General MIDI versions. DATAdisk Vol. 2 has been a real treat to work on, drawing inspiration from Jupiter's Galilean moons and my experiments using a Korg 05R/W that was gifted to me earlier in the year. Each of the songs was first sequenced and recorded in multitimbral mode, then each of the channel stems was bounced down for mixing and additional production, with only a couple of guest appearances from a DX7s and Casio CZ-1000. The final result is a record that is very true to the Korg's original palette of sounds, albeit combined with some subtle and considered mixing and mastering efforts.

As before the disk contains a bunch of extra content which long time listeners will be fairly used to by now, and it's something I always enjoy adding to my physical format releases. I'm hoping to hold a live stream Q&A / production notes session at some point over on the Discord channel, so if you're interested check it out and all the information will be on there. Martyn


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