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Adventures In AE

Updated: May 12, 2020

Hi folks, I've wanted to post a little blog about a new studio toy for a week or so but it's taken a little longer to get round to it than I'd have liked (not sure why given that time seems quite plentiful right now!). Anyway, I've recently picked up a variety of modules and a few cases for a new AE Modular system from Tangible Waves. If you've not checked them out before, they offer a fairly cost-effective yet exciting modular system that's smaller than the standards such as eurorack that we've become used to.

As you can see, it's fantastically tiny, but super-fun. Despite it's small size (and price) it sounds great. Whilst I've yet to add in the next case and a few more modules, this bunch still has a lot of scope for sonic-experimentation and creative meanderings. Here's a little demo I put together recently.

In this demo I'd previously tracked the bass and arpy parts recording the modular into Reaper. I then recorded a lead MIDI part and had the synth play it live (which is what the modular is currently doing in the video). heck out Tangible Waves (and the lovely folks that are part of the forum) HERE.

More modular-noodlings soon! Martyn


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