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An exploration into the possibility of long distance space travel, machine morality and artificial intelligence.


Full score and album with additional design and motion graphics content...

CLARA - Complete Logistics And Research Automation

'A fully autonomous scientific research station tasked with studying and transporting a large suspended populous across vast distances in space'

CLARA is discovered adrift in low orbit around Amalthea, Jupiter's fifth moon, all non-critical systems have been suspended, and no contact can be established.

A research team is dispatched to investigate the station and its important cargo, which left Terra over 5 years ago. After successfully gaining entry through a maintenance airlock, the team discovers the remaining human population have been subjected to a number of experimental neuroscience procedures during suspended animation.

As events unfold, it becomes clear that CLARA is critically unstable and highly possessive of her human cargo... an unnerving maternal connection that must be severed in order to preserve the countless lives onboard.

Listen / Download on Bandcamp

Thanks to:
Gavin at Spun Out Of Control and Eric Adrian Lee for the stunning artwork.

CLARA: Orbit - a free prequel to the original score is also available to download over on Bandcamp.

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