Soundtrack / Motion Graphics / Sound Design

An exploration into the possibility of long distance space travel, machine morality and artificial intelligence. Full score and album with additional design and motion graphics content...  MORE SOON

2019 - 2020

Interactive / Installation / Sound Art / Audio Visual

A recent commission for Level Centre in Derbyshire - an interactive installation inspired by the issues surrounding digital obsolescence and impermanence in our increasingly virtual society... MORE

2017 - 2021

Soundtrack / Composition / Sound Design

Complete score and sound design for indie title 'For The Warp' in development by Massive Galaxy Studios, drawing inspiration from reverb-soaked synthesiser journeys and sci-fi pixel art imagery... MORE

2017 - 2021

Game Audio / Research & Development / Sound Design

DATA labs is an interactive audio showreel built in 
Unreal Engine and FMOD Studio. A playground for developing audio implementation techniques and UE blueprinting experiments... MORE

2020 - 2021

Research & Development / Media / Audio Visual

SET is an ongoing research and development project focusing on the use of obsolete storage mediums for analogue/digital recordings and associated media... MORE

2017 - 2018

Game Audio / Interactive / Soundtrack

A retro-inspired concept album nestled inside a first-person interactive level, built in Unreal Engine and FMOD focusing on digital preservation, archiving and data storage... MORE

2017 - 2021

Game Audio / Composition / Sound Design

Synth-laden score and sound design for a title in development by Massive Galaxy Studios, drawing on ideas and themes from the game's lore and narrative... MORE