Soundtrack / Score / Composition

An exploration into the possibility of long distance space travel, machine morality and artificial intelligence. Full score and album with additional design and motion graphics content...  MORE

2019 - 2020

Interactive / Installation / Sound Art / Audio Visual

A recent commission for Level Centre in Derbyshire - an interactive installation inspired by the issues surrounding digital obsolescence and impermanence in our increasingly virtual society... MORE

2017 - 2021

Soundtrack / Composition / Sound Design

Complete score and sound design for indie title 'For The Warp' in development by Massive Galaxy Studios, drawing inspiration from reverb-soaked synthesiser journeys and sci-fi pixel art imagery... MORE

2017 - 2021

Game Audio / Research & Development / Sound Design

DATA labs is an interactive audio showreel built in 
Unreal Engine and FMOD Studio. A playground for developing audio implementation techniques and UE blueprinting experiments... MORE

2020 - 2021

Research & Development / Media / Audio Visual

SET is an ongoing research and development project focusing on the use of obsolete storage mediums for analogue/digital recordings and associated media... MORE

2019 - 2020

Composition / Soundtrack

A complete score for Tri-Heart Interactive's fish-firing family friendly shooter drawing inspiration from the games characters, environments and story... MORE

2017 - 2018

Game Audio / Interactive / Soundtrack

A retro-inspired concept album nestled inside a first-person interactive level, built in Unreal Engine and FMOD focusing on digital preservation, archiving and data storage... MORE

2017 - 2021

Game Audio / Composition / Sound Design

Synth-laden score and sound design for a title in development by Massive Galaxy Studios, drawing on ideas and themes from the game's lore and narrative... MORE